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Priest:                               Father Christu SAC                       Tel 021 531 5223
Parish Deacon                     Dcn. Desmond Lai Lan                   Tel  021 531 1984
Parish Office:                     Tues to Fri 08h00 to 12h00             
Parish Secretary                 Margaret Kieswetter                       Tel  021 531 7049
Email addresses:  to reach parish priest  :                       
                           to reach parish secretary  :                

Union Avenue, Pinelands, Postal Address: P.O. Box 659 Howard Place. 7450



Adult Enquiry
 Parish office
021 531 5223
Altar Servers
Angus Lillienfeldt
082 523 4523
Dcn Desmond Lai Lan
021 531 1984
 Parish Office
021 531 5223
and Klaus Ahlers, Denver Simpson, Jill Hagberg
Dee Lewis
082 537 7901
Communion to Housebound
Adrian Kettle
021 532 3271
Helen Matuszek
083 712 5775
Flower Group
Penny Franzidis
021 531 3368
Hall Bookings
Eulene Johnson
074 855 5178
Ladies Group
Loreene Solomons
021 531 3977
Mothers Prayer Group Brenda
Parish Pastoral Council 
Helen Matuszek
083 712 5775
Planned Giving
Dee Lewis
082 537 7901
Proclaimers of the Word
Helen Matuszek
083 712 5775
Linda Lai Lan
021 531 1984
Helen Lloyd
021 531 4693
St Vincent de Paul
Klaus Ashlers
071 877 1962
Linda Lai Lan
021 531 1984
Klaus Ahlers
071 877 1962


Greetings to everyone. We wish and pray for every woman in our community as we celebrate the National Women’s Day this Sunday. For past few weeks we had been livestreaming 09:00am mass on Sundays on Facebook and we hope to continue that. However, livestreaming on YouTube simultaneously is not possible for now, instead the recorded mass will be uploaded on Sundays at 10:00 am, for those who do not have Facebook. We are permitted to have 15 persons to attend Sunday mass and those of you who would like to attend mass kindly let us know and we will confirm with you. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to mass which gives sufficient time for the COVID officer to read your temperature. Our prayers are with those of us who are ill and lonely and those who are looking for jobs. God bless everyone.

Fr. Christu.


Church Times of Masses & Intentions for the week

Times of Masses Intentions for the week
Sunday 9th 9.00am   Parishioners & Benefactors
Monday 10th Bob Kieswetter RIP
Tuesday  11th Mary Espinasse
Wednesday 12th In Propitiation
Thursday 13th  Thanksgiving – Gillham family
Friday 14th Mortuary List
Saturday 15th Ints. – Lisa, Geraldine, Roselind & Saige
Sunday 16th  9.00am Parishioners & Benefactors

Contact the Parish Office to request Masses to be said for your intentions.

Pray for: Donovan Adonis, Pam Berry, Peggie Boswell, Louis Ferreira, Thelma Gonneau, Jutta Haupt, Michelle Hendricks, Maureen Kearney, Maria Ladeira, Aisling O’Connor, Siobhan O’Connor, Bernadette Rose, Carol Swanson, Cynthia Taylor, Annette Wilson. Sandra Boonzaier, Silvia Brierley, Cheryl Brown, Valerie Conway, Oliver De Villiers, Isobel Flux, Addison Henshall-Howard, Bernadette Landall, Tony Meehan, Noelene Mitchell, Margaret Murphy, Gabi Patta, Jennifer Patta, Barbara Ross, John Rossi, Sorcha Ruth, Thomas Scrivens, Chris Snyman.

1. If you would like to attend Mass on Sundays, please let us know and we will get back to you when your turn comes to attend Mass. Right now, only 15 persons are allowed to attend Mass in the church and so one cannot just walk in to attend Mass as it was earlier.

2. We are looking for help to set up a new web site for the parish, if any of our parishioner can help us with that, please contact us.

3. We are updating the parish Census. If you have not updated this year, please contact us and the form will be sent to you. If you have not registered, please register yourself with the parish.

4. For the livestreaming at 9:00am Mass, on Facebook page:
The Mass will be recorded and uploaded at 10:00am to our   YouTube: Christ the King Catholic Church, Pinelands.


Happy Birthday
Shaun Henry, Lisa Stroud, Bridgette Johnson, Anne Ddmulira-Nakyagaba, Helen Matuszek.


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